Subject: Orkney and Shetland: Attn; Susana
Hi, Susana,

Yes, you will love the northern islands, I am sure. As far as I know, the ferries run right on schedule; at least, they did when we went. We took the ferry from Scrabster to Orkney, and there was no problem. We were taking (Illegally, as it turned out; we didn't have the proper insurance) our rental car from the British mainland. But all went smoothly. Again, yes, you need a car. There are B &B's everywhere: in the towns (such as they are) and in the countryside, and we stayed in both. On Hoy we stayed in the Old Custom House (I think it was), but what its situation is now I wouldn't know. That was ten years ago. But the tourist information centres are wonderful, and you will have no problems. I envy you, not only going there, but making your first trip there. So much awaits you; take full advantage of it.

Cheers, Bill in Baltimo

P.S. Let us know how it all goes?