Subject: RE: The July Skiathos Newsletter (GREECE)
Hi Ziners,

Here's an excerpt from the Skiathos Newsletter posted with permission of the writer, Geof Baldry:

> I thought that I would spend some time talking about the
> weather (I am British after all!!!).

> We are now experiencing really nice July weather and have
> been for some days. By this I mean the temperatures are not
> crazy hot as they can get in June, the humidity is low and
> there is always a bit of breeze to make everything just right.
> We also get the odd cloud which is something special after
> weeks of non-stop blue sky.
> In June, we always get some form of heat wave which lasts until
> a thunderstorm or strong north breeze blows it away. The
> humidity and temperature are often high and it is not pleasant
> if you have to work in it. Of course, if you are on holiday,
> its usually fine! I have greeted guests at the airport saying,
> I'm sorry it's so hot and they have said, Yes, wonderful
> isn't it? ## It all depends on your point of view.
> We expect more or less the same sort of weather from now until
> the end of September when it will start to cool off a touch as
> we turn the corner towards autumn. Through October and November
> (and even into December) it will be sunny most days, the sea is
> still warm and it is perfect weather for walking over this
> beautiful island and experiencing it without the large amount
> of people that come in the height of summer.
> There is plenty of accommodation with heating available and I
> think it is a shame that more people do not see Skiathos in her
> other aspects.
> I have added a page of average air and sea temperatures (and
> rainy days) at: and you
> can see the live temperatures in Athens &Thessaloniki on the
> same page and on my home page.

> Since the main street of Skiathos (Papadiamantis Street) has
> become a pedestrian area only, it has changed the nature of it
> for the better. The cafes, snack bars and bars have been able
> to put out chairs and tables and have given it an almost
> Parisian boulevard atmosphere. It is now a real pleasure to
> stroll down to the post office to check mail, or wander from
> one end to the other just people watching (a favourite hobby of mine).
> There are plans to have a Plateia (square) at the top end of
> the street which will complete the change to a motor free
> environment for the whole length of it.
> Of course, many people say it could have been done better, with
> a nicer style or with a more traditional look, but we must be
> grateful that it has happened at all. Like most local plans, it
> took many years more than was expected and was rapidly becoming
> another Greek Myth.

Yasou! Linda