Subject: Re: Air France
I've flown Air France to Paris once and found it okay but not outstanding. The food was above par for airline food and passengers in economy get free wine (French, of course). Some of the flight attendants provided service somewhat grudgingly. One I found particularly surly: I was going through my toilet kit and cut myself on my razor (the guard had come off). I was bleeding profusely, and asked for a bandage. The flight attendant treated me like a nuisance rather than a passenger in need of help. She did, however, find me a bandage. She was, unfortunately, the stereotype of the aloof, surly arrogant Frenchman (a stereotype that, happily, does not apply to most Frenchmen, who I found were very friendly and helpful).

Would I fly Air France again? Sure, why not. But there are other airlines I prefer, chief among them Air Canada, which flew my wife and I to France for our six-month sojourn last year. Air Canada was absolutely terrific: friendly and helpful staff and pretty good food (hey, you can't expect haute cuisine at 35,000 feet). The best thing was that in their Boeing 747s they put economy passengers in the upstairs cabin. It was intimate and quiet and except for the size of the seats and leg room, was almost as comfortable as business or first class. We had one flight attendant for the cabin, who was exceptional. If only we didn't have to fly to Toronto or Montreal first before heading to Paris . . .

Bons voyages!

Evan in DC