Subject: EasyJet
Dear Bill &fellow Ziners:

We didn't try Europe by Air, but last month we flew EasyJet from Amsterdam to London -- one way, $35 USD per person, one hour! Faster and cheaper than the usual train/ferry or train/Eurostar chunnel connection between the two cities.

This relate newcomer to Euro airways is impressive. For now, their key hubs are London Luton (north of the city, easy rail/bus connections), Liverpool and Geneva. The cities they service are several in Scotland, Belfast in Ireland, several in England, Amsterdam, Nice in France, Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland, Athens and several in Spain. Book online for the lowest fares. Check 'em out @

No jet they fly is more than 4 years old. All Boeings. Have a bunch more jets on order. No assigned seating--first come, first serve. Drinks are extra, no food. Strict carry on limits.

Almost anywhere you go in Europe, you'll see evidence of EasyJet's founder everywhere--billboards, magazine ads, etc. The signature color is orange. EasyRentacar features Mercedes sedans at incredible rates, and we had a blast using an EasyEverything cybercafe--for $1 or $2 USD, we could surf/e-mail for 90 minutes, I think, maybe 120?, in a very nice place w/ brand new HP equipment.

I think this Easy-stuff is just going to get bigger, so long as the founder can continue to buck the establishment (he's getting a lot of political heat applied through big competitors, British Airways, to start). It certainly enables you to add another city to your trip-- especially faraway destinations--cheaply and with a minimum of travel time. It also creates a situation where you can shop even harder for the best fly in/out of Europe prices and then take an EasyJet flight to your desired destination, eg, best trans-Atlantic fares at the time you want to travel are Frankfurt, but you really want to go to the Costa del Sol (Spain) problem, fly into Frankfurt, catch a quick train to Zurich or Amsterdam and EasyJet it to Malaga.

Happy trails,

Diana Ball Houston, TX