Subject: Affordable Travel Club
For those of you who like a Bed and Breakfast atmosphere there is an organization called the Affordable Travel Club which for an annual membership fee of $60.00 allows members (over the age of 40) to enjoy the hospitality and knowledge of other members for a gratuity to the host of $20.00 per night per couple, or $15.00 per single. Overseas members (those outside the US, Mexico and Canada) do not have to pay to join, although I am sure there is a fee for sending out the membership catalogue. I have been a member since the club began in 1993 and have used it and hosted other members numerous times - and made some wonderful friends in the process. There are currently members in 22 countries outside the US. If you would like more information or an application e-mail atcmiller telephone or fax (253) 858-2172. The address is 6556 Snug Harbor Lane - Gig Harbor, WA 98335

I don't have any commercial or monetary interest in the club - I am simply an extremely satisfied member and think it's a wonderful way to travel.

Joy Habenicht Boulder, Colorado