Subject: Kansas City
Kansas City is really a lovely place. It has more fountains than Paris!! Actually, you will want to go to the Nelson Adkins museum. If it is nice weather they have a lovely sculpture garden with lots of Henry Moore. County Club Plaza is one of the first shopping malls in the country with lots of great stores--some unusual ones and some that you find in most upscale malls. Downtown it is fun to go to the Hallmark Center you can see a pr movie on how cards are designed.

Eating is another thing to do in KC. We went there for the first time quite a number of years ago because a friend told us how great the ribs were at GAtes. He goes there once a year just to eat!! We thought that Gates BBQ was the best, but you might want an orgy of tring Bryants, KC Masterpiece, etc. I don't eat pork, but they had lamb ribs that were heavenly. We order GAtes BBQ sauce by the case. KC is also noted for its Beef. We went to a restaurant in the CC Plaza but I don't remember the name. Julia Roberts was sitting at the table next to us!!

If you go to the Chamber of Commerce, or the visitors center, they will give you coupons and freebies.

Have a great time. Michele