Subject: Jiaozuo, China
I did a web search and Google gave the best results: Some leads:

About Jiaozuo: List of 3-star of above Hotels in Henan province:

Monthly Rose Hotel Guoyuan Road, Jiaozuo Tel: 0391-2618888 Fax: 0391-3935050

No.3 Building of Jiaozuo Guesthouse 85 Minzhu Road, Jiaozuo Tel: 0391-2923876 Fax: 0391-2927415 Site: R. 601 Haitian Hotel Tel: 5959988 x 6601 Contact Person: Mr. Shi Yinshuan ianquan Hotel (Jiaozuo City) Add: Railway Station Square, Zhengzhou Tel: 6986888 China Chamber of International Commerce Henan Chamber of Commerce China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Henan Sub-Council Tel: 0371-3934922 Fax: 0371-3850229 Email:hnetf Shanyang Guesthouse of Jiaozuo City but no live link.

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