Subject: Travel Guidebooks +
The issue of which travel guidebooks to use for travel planning comes up from time to time on the list; consequently, I thought the site below, which has a brief review of several popular guidebooks, would be of some interest. Harriet Greenberg, the owner of The Complete Traveler Bookstore on Madison Ave and 35th St, is one of the reviewers. I am a frequent customer of this marvelous store as its inventory is quite comprehensive, which includes an extensive selection of road maps, guidebooks, travel books of all kinds etc. Plus the salespeople are quite knowledgeable and helpful.So her comments, based on the quality of the store, have considerable merit.

It is interesting that Rick Steves' books are not among those discussed by these travel experts.

Often there are questions posed to the list that can be easily found on the net. I have been using the meta search engine lately with excellent results. It is the fastest engine that I have used. Too is loaded with really good travel information. And, while I am at it, take a look at which has thousands of live pictures of the entire US plus a very long list of countries around the world. This latter site is really fascinating!