Subject: Norwegian Coastal Steamers
Cynthia asks about the Norwegian Coastal Steamers. YES!! We traveled from Bergen to Kirkenes and back (12 days) and loved every minute of the trip. We were on one of the remaining older, smaller ships, the LOFOTEN--tiny cabins, lots of wood and brass, and few tour groups. We loved it!! Most of the ships now are quite new and much larger with more amenities; we liked the ambiance of the older-style ship. The food was excellent--lots of fish, especially salmon and herring--and the service excellent. And, of course, the Norwegian coast was stunning; we went in early July during the time of the midnight Sun above the Arctic Circle, a delightful experience. When we got off the ship, we both felt we could turn around and do the whole trip over again, right away! So, if you want an enthusiastic recommendation, you've got it! If you have specific questions, please contact us. We'd be happy to help. Cheers, Pat and Bill in Baltimore