Subject: Cologne (Koln) for lunch?
Hi everyone! Thank you Linda for the suggestions regarding lunch in Cologne. We ate at Gastatte Fruh am Dom and enjoyed the atmosphere very much.

This past Sunday, I met a friend AND a cousin of mine from the States. We enjoyed our tour of the Cathedral (a bargain of 7 DM, in English, at 2:30 p.m.). I brought along some binoculars. The day was rainy and the sky hung with dark clouds; therefore, even in this gothic church the light from the lovely windows was dim. Seeing objects high above and window detail as well as the lacy spires and gargoyles on the exterior using binoculars is well worth the extra weight in a daypack.

By the way, our friend is a woman from the organization women welcoming women worldwide. It is not a commercial group; more of an organization. They believe that hosting strangers will enrich their lives, bring a little of the larger world to them. They have a Website. My cousin joined this organization and arranged her trip so that she stayed with other members and in turn when she returns to California's gold country she will be a host. In London, Holland, Belgium, my cousin made many new friends, saw many local (non-touristy) sights through the hospitality of this organization. The only mistake I think my cousin made was bringing too much luggage and having to lug it from train to bus, etc. She has been sleeping like a completely worn out puppy (for many hours). Jane