Subject: Pet travel
David, We also run into difficulties when traveling with the dogs; Flow, a 65# greyhound Ebb a 55# shepherd/pit bull mix. So, in order to travel as a family we take several camping trips every year. Our usual destination is Baja California where we camp along the shores of the Pacific or the Sea of Cortez. The dogs get to romp and play as much as they'd like in the surf and sand. They generally wear themselves out within the first two days. Lately, we've taken more extended trips on this side of the border. During the New Year we visited several National Parks and Monuments in the southwest (Mesa Verde, Arches, Canyonlands, National Bridges, and Canyon de Chelly). Although the dogs are not allowed offleash in the National Parks they are allowed offleash on the trails of National Forests and BLM land. Also, when we made inquiries of the rangers where to run the dogs they were usually helpful and forthcoming with areas outside the general flow of visitors that would be suitable, albeit technically a violation. Or they would suggest trails outside the park but closeby. On our most recent trip we discovered two incredibly beautiful campgrounds situated in or adjacent to sequoia groves. Both campgrounds were outside the National Parks (one just south of Yosemite and the other south of Sequoia/Kings Canyon). Both areas had extensive trail systems on which the dogs could join us for hikes offleash. These campgrounds were at Nelder Grove near Oakhurst and Mountain Home State Forest outside of Porterville. Occasionally we do stay in a motel while traveling with the dogs. Some resources I've used to help locate places that will accept them include:

The California Dog Lover's Companion by Maria Goodavage The website you've suggested. AAA books usually note which properties take dogs but I suggest a call to confirm. And we've had some luck with Holiday Inns. John Rule San Diego, CA