Subject: Pet travel
We have a 100 lb + St Bernard, masiff, retreiver and either bloodhound or other purple-tongued dog -mix and take her all the time!

There is a wonderful book called On the Road Again with man's Best Friend by Dawn and Robert Habgood -- Dawbert Press - ISBN: 0-933603-03-7. Also, fax - 617-934-2945 (I got all of this info. from the back of our book - I'm not a publicist or anything...) We use it all the time and have found terrific places where dogs are not tolerated, they're actually welcomed!!! Some are Inns, others are B&B's or small hotels (not chains although they are mentioned too.)

They are done regionally and I just have the one for New England, but they cover the whole US - mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, California, OR, WA and Britich columbia - by now they are supposed tocover the Rocky Mt, Midwest and Southern US, too. Susie Newton, MA