Subject: traveling with pets
This information - taken from today's NYTimes - regarding traveling with pets might be useful: Guidebooks: Traveling with your pet published by the AAA/ order on line or from local AAA 13.95 Take your pet USA, by Arhur Frank 800 255 8038 $18.95 Pets R Permitted by M.E> Nelson .800 888 4741 $13.95 Pets welcome, by Katheleen and Robert Fish endorsed by the Humane Society of the US to order call 800 524 6826 $ 19.95 and like very much On the Road again with Man's Bet Friend by Dawn and Robert Hagood.- Southeast- ( although here I might be partial because they gave a great review of the hotel we owned in South Beach) The web: (pet shipping services) Emergency contacts American Animal Hospital association 800 883 6301 American Broading Kennel Ass 719 591 1113 National Asso of Pets Sitters 202 393 3397 Graziella Miami Beach.