Subject: US Car Rental
Several years ago Hertz settled a law suit (New York?) for overcharging on the additional insurances offered. The company was to have improved on its insurance sales program.

Several weeks ago I rented Hertz in CA. She asked if I wanted the insurance and I said no, I was going to wing it. The clerk asked if I did in fact have other coverage (my pov coverage is primary, credit card secondary) and I told her yes. She said my answer threw her, that her job requires further investigation if there is an indication that a renter might not have any insurance.

Found Hertz in CA and NV do not require that a spouse (over 25) pay the additional driver fee. CA clerk advised this was State law and not Hertz. Don't know about others.

Have used something called Affinity car rental. Evidently it is a consolidator. It ended up renting from a company I had used @ a location, and had been happy with . . . only for less money. Susan Huff