Subject: Helsinke-Inverness
Susana: To reduce the cost of your flight from Helsinki to Inverness, you might consider purchasing a roundtrip ticket Helsinki-Inverness and not using the return portion. That would put the cost down to around USD475 or so. The airlines don't like this strategy (seats go out empty on those fake returns) but when there is such a huge difference between the roundtrip & oneway rates, of course travelers will try to get around those expensive fares! The roundtrip ticket will be much more restrictive in terms of numbers of seats available, how far in advance you must purchase and undoubtedly carry penalties (sometimes equal to the price of the ticket) to change or cancel! You could also buy a roundtrip Helsinki-London for about USD370 and train the one-way to Inverness (it's a loooong day's ride), and not use the return portion London-Helsinki. The same restrictions that apply to the Inverness option would apply to this ticket too. Airline pricing structure is rather odd at best. Gail Eugene OR