Subject: Re: Dinner on the Seine/D-Day Beaches
I think that with a good map (Michelin's yellow) you can find your way easily -- I have been to the beaches twice and each time, they really moved me - especially the Memorial and the Cemetary. (If you have time, you might consider stopping in Honfleur - quintisential seacost town on the Normandy coast.) Also, I think, unless you're on a tour, I really don't know how you will be able to do this in one day!

Re: The Bateaux-Mouches ( tel:42-25-96-10 may be old number) -- that depends - For me, I loved the ride but wouldn't consider dinner -- too much to see to eat at the same time also, I think that the food probably isn't too good (somebody help me, I really don't know) - but I took the tour years and years ago when I was single and studying in Paris -- an altogether different time and frame of mind than you will be in on your 25th Anniversary! Congratulations!!!

Have fun! Susie Newton, MA