Subject: Re: Dinner on the Seine/D-Day Beaches
Welcome to the group, Kent!

You are going to love Paris and London, but you'll find that a day trip to the Normandy Beaches will not give you nearly enough time, if you can manage it at all..... with a tour group like Paris Visions you would get on a bus before sun-up and be very late returning to your hotel that night, spending a little time at the beaches and the false harbor. If you are not accustomed to driving in Europe don't rent a car and try to do it in one day. My advice would be to enjoy the city of Paris in the days you have there and save the beaches for another trip, another time.

The boat ride on the Seine is really nice and you should do it but I would not spend the money for the dinner. As Susie remarked you can't eat and see the sights. Besides, I've been told that the food is not very good. In fact, I would take the boat ride during the day as you will see much more than you do at night.

Ruth Marie Colorado