Subject: Re: New Orleans Restaurant list

It's been 5 years since I've been in New Orleans but I still remember the great food! We called them Mmmmm restaurants for the obvious reason - every bite we took we said Mmmmm. There are two in particular that I remember. Petunia's was a small restaurant in the French Quarter. They had perhaps 5 tables. They served the best breakfasts I have had! I still remember their French Toast. The second restaurant was Dooky Chases. One cab driver tried to warn us away from Dooky's because of the neighborhood it's in. I'm so glad we went. We had a wonderful dinner with friendly, family-style service. And when you're done they immediately call a cab for you. One other outdoor cafe that you have to try is Cafe DuMond down by the cathedral. They serve beignettes and chicory coffe. Mmmmmm.

There are many other restaurants in New Orleans owned by the Brennan family. I don't have the names but all are excellent. And Emerile LaGasse's restaurant is also recommended (NOLA's ?). However, I've never eaten there. I love New Orleans - it's such a friendly city with truly wonderful restaurants! Enjoy.