Subject: Sweden and Stockholm
Just completing a week in Stockholm. What an amazingly beautiful city. I guess this proves it pays to stay out of world wars.

We stayed at the Gustav Vasa Hotel. Their basic rooms are too small, albeit reasonably priced. You can upgrade with a little TLC, and then the Hotel is very much a good value.

There are 56 reported museums. We could only see 6 in a week, as we also ate our way through the City. Smorgasbord at the Grand Hotel was wonderful! We ate for 2 and a half hours and no one rushed us. You just keep getting very small portions of everything you want to sample.

The Vasa Museum is awesome, and pathetic at the same time: how could the designer of that ship think she could sail? For those who haven't seen her, she is 3 stories off the water, with virtually no keel and obviously way too little ballast below the waterline.

The old City, Gamla Stan, has so many beautiful things to see that you could spend a month there alone. All in all, Stockholm is a winner.

We had marginal weather: rain, 17 degrees C as the best day, lots of overcast time, but the friendly people warm up the city! Many wonderful ethnic restaurants, too, so we believe we shall return one day after we see more of the world.

We write this short report as we travel on the Express train from Stockholm to Copenhagen. The train system is very modern, clean and fast (if a bit jostling because of speed). We are loving the countryside, lakes, farms and wild life along our trip.

Marghe and Marty enroute.