Subject: Re:Agritourismo info needed
My husband and I are planning a self guided tour to Italy the first of October this year. We have reserved a car and are interested in the small villages and rural areas. This will be our first trip to Italy and we have never taken a self guided trip out of the country. I looked at the website for the farm holiday lodging on working farms and have been undecided about how to choose one. I chose one recommended by the Wine Spectator Magazine free lance writer (May,2000) in Tuscany which was moderately priced. They, of course were booked, due to the publicity. There are so many on the website, I would like a personal recommendation. We would want a double bedroom and breakfast , but no kitchen. I am interested in using the place as a base for daytrips in the area between Florence, Pisa, Siena, or a central location not too far from the coast. We would be willing to stay up to 5 days, or perhaps 7. I would also like a small hotel in the area of St Vincenzo for one night as we have an interest dinner at the famous restaurant there. We will be three weeks, staying in Tuscany for all but the first few days in the lakes area where we have made reservations based on the Travelzine Freedmans travelog in Italy. Any information for a small hotel in the Cinque Terre area where there is parking? I have written to the Villa Margherita in Lovorno but they have no parking. I have gotten a lot of information about what to pack, car rental, money, maps, from this great group and think our trip will be much nicer because of this group exchange. Thanks. I now feel like a small child asking for help to complete plans. What a find! Evelyn in Texas