Subject: Re: Re:Agritourismo info needed
Evelyn--There is no need for a further response with reference to your visit to Cinque Terre and an agriturismo in central Tuscany as Bill Sutherland has given you really excellent advice. Since Bill lives in the area of Tuscany where the accommodations are that he recommended, one should have great confidence in taking his advice.

Friends of mine had dinner at the famous place of which I believe you referred to in San Vincenzo, Gambero Rosso. They thought it was quite good but not really great--by Italian standards. I recall that another person on this list had dinner there awhile ago and wasn't bowled over by it either. There are two others equally very highly thought of, and of which I am familiar, that are closer to where you intend to stay in Tuscany: La Tenda Rosso in San Casciano in Val Di Pesa and Arnolfo in Colle di Val D'Elsa. Right up there with these is Poggio Antico in Montalcino and one of Bill's (and my) favorites is La Chiusa in Montefollonico. These are all in the same price range as Gambero Rosso. Bottom line is that you will have no trouble finding outstanding restaurants.

I am curious. How did you identify the restaurant, Gambero Rosso?