Subject: R: Re:Agritourismo info needed
Hi Evelyn-

there are plenty of farmhouses in central Tuscany where you can spend your week. Your choice becomes more limited when you look for real agriturismo, that is, what you are looking for: a place where you can have meal without cooking yourself. Moreover, the meal must possibly consist of products coming from the farm itself. A lot of people here start activities linked with incoming tourists. I see a lot of rebuilt farmhouses in the area among Florence, Siena and San Gimignano, and, of course, the owners exploit them with the so called agriturismo. These houses are not agriturismo, since you can find only apartments with cooking corner. Their owners aren't farmers at all. You need a real farm, where the farmer and his family live and work. These of mine are only words, but here in italy there is a law according to which everyone who wants start business in tourism must play but his own role.


Andrea in Tuscany