Subject: Re:Gambero Rosso/
Peter: Thanks so much for the report on the restaurant. The Only reason we were going as far south as San Vincenzo was that restaurant, so the report really makes a difference in our trip plans. A friend loaned me the May 2000 copy of the magazine Wine Spectator. It had a large section on Tuscany. That was my first introduction to the option of lodging in Agritour type . I found their website from the magazine. The free lance writer for part of the section lives in Tuscany, so I thought she was giving good advice. The article on the restaurant said it was the best in Italy. The Agritourismo we selected from that magazine was booked. The only other books I used were Karen Brown's books because I wanted rural places with parking. I thought for the first trip to Italy with a car, we needed to avoid the cities. I was looking for lodging to park, use as a base, and take trains to cities, rural tours by car. Zine information has saved our trip. I imagine those of you who are so experienced in travel in Europe cannot remember how it is to plan a trip for the first time. Thanks to you all. E./Texas