Subject: Re: Taiwan
Hello Marco

The museum in Taipei is marvelous and time should be taken to see the multitude of wonderful art treasures at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. You will find that Taipei is one of the busiest, noisiest cities with very heavy, hectic traffic you will ever encounter, but it will be a memorable experience walking about this city. So take a few days to explore the city. And, by all means visit the Imperial Hotel as it a very interesting building to see inside and out.

Also there are many beautiful temples scattered all over the city. The shopping is very interesting and business, manufacturing and trade pervade the city.

I have always found the food in Taipei to be really very good albeit a little different :-) but make certain that you are taken to a place where the Chinese frequent and not one catering to foreigners of which there are many.

I will look for a guidebook on Taipei in NYC and if I find one will send it to you. It will be my pleasure to return your kindness helping me with the planning of my recent trip to Campania. Just let me know.