Subject: Re: Re:Gambero Rosso/

I have read the magazine story you refer to which I found very interesting, but I often wonder how much the writer truly experienced and how much is lifted from other sources. It is true that Gambero Rosso has received high praise from Italian restaurant reviewers and publications, as were the ones I mentioned to you.

Your decision to stay in places with parking and avoiding the cities with a car is a very sound one. The idea of using your accommodation as a base from which you can use trains for day trips is one of my favorite ways to plan travel. Take a look at the Eyewitness Guide entitled Florence and Tuscany which I think is one of the best guide books among many so so ones. Since you have chosen one of the top restaurants in Italy, do your interests center on the culinary? If so let me know as I will be able to suggest some other helpful books.

Try searching the internet: Here's a good place to start. and search Tuscany. You will be inundated with very helpful information.