Subject: Re: Dinner on the Seine/D-Day Beaches
Dear kent, congratulations on your anniversary! Returned recently from paris and visited the D-Day beaches as part of a four-day driving trip through Normandy.

If you only want to see the d-day beaches (you would probably only have time to visit Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery in one day), you can do it on a day trip out of Paris - probably a 2 1/2 hour drive from Paris. We rented a car and did not find driving in France a problem at all (it's a good idea to plan to leave first thing in the a.m.- as soon as the car rental company opens). Getting out of Paris can be a little hair-raising, but once you are out of the city, the countryside is beautiful and driving is fine - roads clearly marked and in excellent shape (however, we are from NYC, so perhaps our driving habits are hair-raising, too!). The michelin maps and guides are great - you can get off the main highway and there are wonderful towns and villages all along the route. Since we didn't do the tour out of Paris, don't know how that would compare.

We didn't take the dinner cruise on the seine, but did take a boat ride in the evening - I would probably agree with earlier responders. The boat ride was okay - not great - probably better in the daytime. Also, it was pricey for what it was. The Dinner cruise looks nice, but can't comment on the food.

Four days is short in Paris (I know - that's what we spent!). There is so much to see! If you happen to be in the St. Germain/Luxembourg area, there is a nice restaurant off the Boulevard St. Michel and Rue Racine called Boullion Racine (I think that is how you spell it). Beautiful setting - all art deco - wonderful food - quite hopping with a terrific pianist - and very reasonable. dinner for two with drinks and a bottle of wine about $100 with the tip (tips are included - how wonderful!)

hope you have a great time!

sincerely, vcraigo cutchogue, ny