Subject: Re: Ashville N.C.

One of the biggies for us is to visit (not stay there) the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

It was built after World War II. Stories and pictures are in the hall ways. At the present, they are renovating full scale, so don't know how the modernization will take away from the original charm.

The fireplaces are large enoght for standing and wide enough for a good sized log to be placed, all in the main lobby, the great hall.

The view from the front porch is great, and the further your wander the more there is to see. We were there in March of this year and there was a (temporary) bird house display on the bottom floor that was just fantastic.

When we go to Asheville, we often drive to Pisgah Inn, north on the Blue Ridge Parkway. At the entrance to the Parkway there is an arts and crafts center that has displays of local work that change on a regular basis, plus the demos, and other things on the first floor.

Interestingly, a friend of ours makes jewelry and it is purchased by this center for sale.

Have a great time. August could still be very warm, though. October is great as the leaves turn the last two weeks, but if you go then, be sure to make a room reservation now for that time of year. Midweek would be better than the weekends in Leaf Season.

BTW, the Parkway generally closes November 1.

Gretchen from South Carolina