Subject: Re: Travels 2 Africa?
Hi. I havenīt been to Africa, but one of my colleagues spent her holidays in Benin last year. She says that it has been the best holidays she has ever had. She was staying with a friend that was working for the UNESCO, and also with a group of spanish priests that had a school and a small hospital. Before travelling she had to get quite a few vaccinations. Not only typhus and malaria, but also hepatitis and yellow fever. Luckily, she didnīt get sick, but a couple who were visiting their uncle, a priest, got very sick afterwards. It seems that they didnīt continue with their malaria pills after being back in Spain. Benin is quite a small country, and it seems that it is not affected by the violence surrounding it. They hired a chauffered car, and they were able to move around without problems. She was told to exercise the usual cautions : drink only bottled water (very expensive, all the way from France), take care with the fruits and vegetables, long trousers and long sleeves on sunset,... Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous and impressive. Here you have a few URLs that might help you. Good luck.

Regards from Covadonga in Bilbao