Subject: Re: Southafrica
Hi Kim,

I started my trip from Cape Town, then I visited the wineland. After that I travelled along the coast to Port Elizabeth. Then I flew to Durban where I stayed in a really nice and confortable seaside backpaker (there you can follow a FREE surfing course). At this point my trip was substantially stopped because I injured my right toe foot trying to do surfing :((((

Anyway I could suggest you same backpakers'/b&b in Cape Town, wineland, Natural Valley (a little town inside a Nat. Park along the coast), close to Durban and a lodge in the Draghesberg mountain (actually I didn't stay in this lodge because my injured foot but it was suggest me by a very kindly South African girl that I known on a bus. Generally speaking, I found Backpackers' and b&b really nice and cleaned (at least outside of the big city) in all the SA. Definitively I think that b&b is a good choice!

Now your question may be Why don't give me the name/address of this place ?, The answer at your question is : Unfortunately I lent my Backpackers' and b&b guide of SA to SIMONA in Turin because she was thinking to go to SA in August. Actually, she have changed if mind (her new destination is Mexico) but she didn't give me back my book :((( Sorry Kim!!! I'll try to contact her and I'll send you privately some address.

About Kruger Nat. Park, I missed it because the malaria so I can't help you about Kruger ;(

BTW, when you are going to Africa ?

ciao, Marco in Milan (Italy).