Subject: Re: Re: Dinner on the Seine
Hi Kent I have been wanting to respond to your Seine question, but haven't been feeling well, but I just can't stand not being in on the conversation, so here goes: It was recommended to me by a few reliable sources that the Vedettes Pont Neuf were the best deal on a Seine boat ride. Took the Bateaux Mouches years ago, and I must say that I thought the Vedettes Pont Neuf were more to my liking. First, the location (Pont Neuf, of course) is great; the boats are smaller and, while not intimate, you don't have to feel like your floating on the largest and most conspicuous vehicle on the Seine (the bateaux mouches).

As far as the day or night question: I vote for evening. The lighting along the Seine is gorgeous, and for the rest of this year, they do that fantastic sparkling thing on the Eiffel Tower every hour at night. Tres cool. Tres romantic.

I wish I could recommend a restaurant for you, but I did read with envy of someone else's nice dinner at Violin d'Ingres. Many people mention this as a good place to dine, but it was a bit above our budget. But I might give it a go next time.

Always optimistic, Debbie in Pittsburgh.