Subject: RE: Power supply (plugs, adaptors,...) in India

I think that your girlfriend(s) will need a hair dryer in this monsoon in India. The rains have been good, the sun has been shining in between in the area I live in and so the humidity is really high and a hair dryer will be needed(unless one is hot headed). As regards the plugs and adaptors, the UK version should work. The plug needed has to have two round pins to fit in the socket (not a flat strip like pins that you see in America). If your girlfriends' hair driers have flat strip like pins, no need to despair, you will get a adapter to fit in India sockets at the hotel front desk or maybe if you insist to own one for use in future travels, at the local electrical shop. My camera flash has a plug with flat strip like pins, and I got the adapter quite easily. The voltage is 220 V. You may get 110 V for hair driers and shavers in good hotels, even you may get socket to fit the plug with flat pins.

Have a good trip to my country. Let me know if you need any more assistance in any matter related to India.

Ajay Faridabad, India