Subject: South Africa

I hope you have read Ann and Tom Widdowson's South Africa post in the Zine's files. I am selecting a portion of what they wrote in regards to Johannesburg in the following paragraph:

A big question about the new South Africa is crime and violence. We were a bit on the paranoid side of cautious, and had no problems, and never felt threatened. We avoided Durban and Johannesburg, and explored downtown Capetown, Port Elizabeth, and Pietermaritzburg only briefly in broad daylight. Of course we followed the usual no handbags, no wallets, no conspicuous possessions or wads of money, keep your windows up and doors locked, rules one now follows just about everywhere.

My husband was in Johannesburg to work a few years ago and the offices closed early evey afternoon and workers were driven or drove to their hotels directly from the city to underground parking garages.

Perhaps you are meaning to enjoy the environs of Johannesburg, rather than the city, per se.