Subject: First Trip
I can remember my first big trip vividly. In 1972 my college roommate and I went to Europe for a month on Icelandic Airlines - $319 round trip from New Orleans to Luxembourg. I had $800 in $20 travelers' check for the month that we were traveling.

We were so unprepared (probably the reason that I love planning our trips now so much...) had no idea that we could reserve a seat on the boat from Amsterdam across the North Sea and spent the night on the floor wrapped in blankets, watching the other passengers be sea sick; arriving in London with no pounds on a Sunday morning and meeting a kind stranger who gave us money for the underground; losing and finding my purse on the underground; discovering the Rivera was covered in rocks; sleeping on the train to save money on hotel rooms; eating my first Italian gelato; figuring out how to make train reservations with our Eurail Pass; trying to sleep in our hotel in Lucerne while the oompah band practiced in the room below us; getting stopped by customs on our re-entry because we had lost weight and our clothes fit so poorly - they thought we were smuggling jewels !!

That was a trip... It's a miracle that we survived.

Callie in New Orleans