Subject: Indonesian wedding
Hi Michele, I and my wife visited Indonesia twice for a total of two months,but it was 16 and 13 years ago.It's definitely one of the places that remain steadily in our hearts. We loved the country and its people.Unfortunately,the news coming from that country in the latest years are somehow keeping us from returning(together with the fact that our daughter is still young for third-world travelling). We happened to be invited to a wedding party,not the religious ceremony,but only the party,and it was very interesting.The bride and grooms sat under a canopy,clad in rich gilded dress,and everyone else danced to the music of a rock band(!),ate and offered us traditional food;everybody was very friendly and hospitable,and two kids,about 7-10 years of age,kept our hand in their hand while sitting and smiling ,as we had been old time relatives. This happened in remote eastern coast of southwest Sulawesi.One of the most magic experiences we ever had.

As you're from Wisconsin,I guess you'll be flying from the east coast over Europe.Apart from an european stopover,which would leave you with 16 more hours for the last leg of your trip,I think you can stopover in one of the Emirates,or in India.But it depends on the airline you'll be flying with if it's possible to take such stopovers.Singapore is interesting,but it's very near Java;it would be better to stop somewhere midway. Congratulations for your son (what an intercultural marriage!) and selamat jalan(safe journey)!

Leonardo in Milan,Italy