Subject: Re: Special day in Spain
Hi, Natalie. May I recommend Caceres to you, as it seems that you are heading south? It is not Sevilla, but it is still southern Spain. Weather will be mild (it can be also mild in northern Spain, but I cannot promise it to you. The days you are planning are great, because the previous weekend is a long one here. On the 12th we have the Virgin of El Pilar holiday, and it is thursday. You can imagine, everybody heading out. I wouldnīt want to be in Paris or London, or in the beaches, or in any touristic place, specially if the weather is fine. I donīt recommend you the Parador in Caceres. Lately they havenīt been up to the normal level you expect in a Parador. But I have two options for you: the Hotel Melia Caceres, a big chain hotel, but built in an old palace, really beautiful. Or the hotel Iberia (I should send this one to Callie for the database). Just one star, half the price, but tiny, comfortable, totally different to what you could expect. They have a suite on the rooftop, special for honeymooners. And a couple of restaurants: Atrio (nouvelle cuisine) or Palacio de los Golfines (in the old town). You get a medieval old town, beautifully preserved. And places like Trujillo or Merida (walking on that still-working roman theatre is impressive) are nearby. And Portugal is just one hour driven. Go to Marvao, with its castle over the frontier. A few ideas, Iīll try to think of another place. Everything depends on which part of the country are you planning to visit.

Regards from Covadonga in Bilbao.