Subject: Re: France/Swiss rentals
Hi Frances,

We have rented four times, once in France and 3 times in Switzerland. First, I would be sure that there are linens provided, as some places require you to bring your own. A couple of washcloths are always standard packing for us.

The things I usually take are: a sharp knife, our own cups, an immersion heater (once there was an impossible microwave), some sugar, salt and pepper, and small bottles of any of this kind of thing you really need and want. These kinds of things I transfer into a zip lock bag for economy of space problems. Some idea of measuring, though exact cooking would not be one of the things you will do, but the measurements on the packages often say DL or ML of water. (you could measure the water here at home for how many ounces your cup holds when it it is full, and then you could estimate the liters from there). If you live on spaghetti like we did, that's not a problem--bought Barilla--same brand we use here in SC. We use instant coffee so I usually take my own--though Nestle Gold Aromatic, purchased in Italy last year, was far beter than the Taster's Choice I ran out of. Cooking was not my profession while on vacation, but more a method of controlling the time of day we ate and the type of food, and most often it was sandwiches, breakfst, and spaghetti, soups, and the like. One apartment had a bunch of spices already there and once I did almost ruin the chili!! We had purchased the packages for Oxtail or Goulash soup and used the part we did not eat into the meatless chili the next night.

Paper products are of poorer quality than we have in the States, so if you are particular, I suggest a few rolls of toilet paper. That's about all I can think of at this time.

Your husband thinks like mine does, but after all these years, he calmly packs the stuff, distributing the weight between the two suitcases, and then divides the clothes. He, too, thinks I am nuts, but I have neither seen him refuse to eat the food nor put on the clean socks or underwear--I take my own washing soap and blow-up hangers, etc. If you want to know the etc., let me know.

The smoke detector is a great idea. I'll mention this to my husband ;-)) (as I am leaving the house).

Gretchen South Carolina