Subject: Packing lite
Hi Natalie, I am taking this year a small nylon bag that I have used in the past as a day bag. I choose very carefully clothes that dry fast, do not wrinkle, and everything I take mixes and matches. I wash my clothes every night. I also take three scarfs that I can use as a belt or around my neck or even to hold my hat on if the wind is blowing. I wear my walking shoes but I tuck a pair of dress sandals in my bag. I roll and bag my clothes also in zip lock bags. I take small bottles of shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. I have never had trouble finding personal things when I need them. I do always find room for a half roll of TP. We ride a lot of trains. All my cosmetics I carry in my fannypack in another Zip lock bag. I have medication that I must have. I carry it in my fannypack and I also carry another bottle with my clothes. I wear my hair short so there is no need for a hair dryer. Before I leave I always take my bag with me on my morning walk. If it too heavy I lighten the load. However, I believe I have reached the point where I cannot leave anything else out. Linda Oklahoma