Subject: London and links
I LOVE London! I've been there twice and going again this fall. 2-4 day visits are never enough. Yes it's expensive but there are, as others pointed out, things to do that are cheap or free and just walking, enjoying the views, the archticture, the history and people watching is exhilarating! And there are so many things to do and see and the transportation is excellent and easy to navigate. Here are two irreverent guides to the London Underground i've found. A user's guide, if you will rather than the dry official websites.

I have gathered quite a list of links for the U.K. and London though it's by no means comprehensive and always growing. Still there's quite a bit there already if you're interested... scroll down from there for London. Elsewhere on the page are assorted links from destinations i've been to or want to go, hotel chains, airlines, tour and general travel pages. Diane Johnston