Subject: Maps and Guides
I doubt few people have a more extensive collection of maps and guides than I have accumulated over the years, but even after pouring over them for days and weeks - I think the most enjoyable part of any trip is to try to get lost. In Paris, I used to always make long lists of thing to do each day, then go downstairs and turn right, rather than left as I should have. In Venice, we will sit at a bus stop and say Ok, let's take the 3rd bus and get off at it's 4th stop, never knowing where we'll wind up. Last fall, we were making a short 11km trip to Montepulciano and as I turned right (instead of left to Montepulciano) my wife laughed, as she knew I was intentionally going the wrong way. Several hours - and many glorious sights - later, we were taking off our shoes and walking in the water along side the Mediteranean. While I know this sounds scary to first time travelers, I can't begin to tell you the enjoyment you'll receive. Bill Sutherland