Subject: Things Nautical
Okay so maybe I was a little hard on the tidal bore. Yes magnetic hill is still pulling them in and if I am correct they have added other attractions to the area, a zoo and some other things.

Yes Ed, I love things nautical. I wouldn't say I am an expert or anything but growing up in Nova Scotia it becomes a part of you. I didn't realise this until I moved away from the coast for a number of years and then returned to it. I felt a pull.

I just returned from four days at the Tall Ships in Halifax. It was great. Even better than when the ships were last in port in 1984, and I thought it was impossible to get any better than that. If interested you can read about the event (mind you it is over as the ships left port on the final leg to Amsterdam yesterday) at: and at: If anyone is going to be in the Netherlands from the 24th to the 28th of August the tall ships will make port there. Jude