Subject: Packing Lite
I agree with Linda about using the plastic bags, they are great space savers. One other thing I do is to form layers with sheets of cardboard. I put my shoes, cosmetic bag, (all the heavy stuff) on the bottom with a piece of cardboard cut to fit on top, then layer the bags w/undies, tshirts on top, another piece of cardboard then my good clothes (my ever present blazer, jeans, dress and slacks) hung on 1 or 2 hangers and overwrapped with a dry cleaner's plastic bag. These I fold in thirds on top. This system makes it very easy to remove each layer without disturbing the packing order. I can fit every thing I need for 2 weeks in Europe in 1 21 rollon and supplement it with my carryon tote. I find the older I get, the harder it is to carry a heavy bag! Hope this helps. Jo Roberts