Subject: Greek Islands
Hi there, Having travelled to quite a few of the islands I've been reading the emails lately with interest and hoping for a few minutes time to contribute. To the person asking about places to go, even though this was not on your list, I would suggest Paros. We keep going back there because we love it. Small enough to be comfortable and yet big enough to have everything. Lovely little fishing village of Naoussa is where we stay. But the port town of Paroikia is actually one of the prettiest for port towns that we've seen. There's a small village called Lefkes where you can start on a Byzantine walk therough the countryside and reach another town. This walk is wonderful--the smells alone make it worth the trip--wildflowers and herbs; bees buzzing, and stunning views over the island. Anyway, it's a great place, and we're returning for 2 months in September &October. It will be our base, and we will spend most of the time there but plan to visit some other islands for 3-4 day jaunts. So here's where my question comes in--which other islands? I'm glad to see mention of Folegandros as its a place we've tried to get to several times and still want to visit. Ferry schedules and high winds have prevented it before (we were near the end of our vacation and had no flexibility left) but this time that should not be a problem. Any further info on Folegandros available, or any other suggestions from the Greek Island enthusiasts? Any suggestions from the armchair travellers who have circled a spot they want to go when they have the chance? Thanks, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada