Subject: Jai Alai, Spain
Hi, David. I think you are looking for Jai Alai. There is one in Gernika, and usually they have games during the weekend, although I have never been to one of them. Many years ago, I am talking 50 or 60 years, there were Jai Alais in Madrid and Barcelona. It is similar, but different to the game in Miami. The one in Miami is only cesta-punta (basket), and you can see it in the Jai Alais here, but you will also find hand players (and that hurts). It is mainly played in the Basque Country (both spanish and french), Navarra and La Rioja. I think you might find a frontón in San Sebastian. Just on a side note, the third cyclist in the Tour de France podium, Joseba Beloki, is cousin to one of the biggest players. Look for Jai Alai, Fronton or pelota vasca in the web ( and you might find something. Rgds, Covadonga in Bilbao