Subject: Bilbao
During our recent visit to Bilbao in April we also had a single evening to kill before catching a train to Madrid. That day (rainy) we strolled through the park along the river, visited the Fine Arts Museum, had an espresso at the Guggenheim, hopped the Metro to the Casco Viejo (Old Town) where we visited the Basque Ethnological Museum (our favorite of the museums).

In the evening Covadonga graciously introduced us to several cafés and pintxos bars. The first, the Café Iruńa, located not far from the train station. Next, we headed back to the Casco Viejo to a small plaza surrounded by pintxos bars. And then back across the river to another café before heading to the train station.

Covadonga, hopefully you'll see this and fill in the names of these pintxos bars and cafés that escape me.

Also, Tom, I do have some info about Bilbao packed away awaiting the making of photo album/scrap book of this last vacation. I'll dig it up to find any answers to specific queries you might have. John Rule San Diego, CA