Subject: more on Belgo, and Philly Cheese Steaks
Hi everyone, Just to add a bit more to the Belgo discussion, I have heard that they have opened a branch in NY, and plan to open in Chicago as well. My parents ate in the NY one, and said that it was decent, but not great. They are spoiled, however, as there is wonderful, elevated, Belgian cuisine available in the big Apple. As far as the two (or is there now three) Belgo's in London, some of the critics there are complaining that the quality has gone down and that it is strictly for tourists. I always try and stop there when I am in London, and as recently as April, thought that it was still a great place, with very good (not gourmet) food. I did not get there when I was in London in July. The beer list is unparalled outside of Belgium! I would recommend Belgo to most anyone! I grew up in Central NJ, a little over an hour from Philly, and ate my share of Philly cheesesteak sandwhiches. In fact, there is a place here in Chicago that is called Phily's best, which makes a decent version of it. Basically, it is a greasy sandwich of very thinly sliced steak (paper thin) that is cooked with onions, sometimes peppers, and served on an Italian style bun with melted White American (gross!) cheese over it. Sometimes they use other wonderful American contributions to the world's great cheeses, such as Velveeta, and it tastes a bit different. I can't explain it, but to me, it is a great tasting, albeit disgusting, sandwich. It is hard for me to imagine that someone from Italy, spoiled by their magnificent cuisine, enjoying this, but then again, McDonalds is successful in Europe, so there is no accounting for taste. Enough said - it is lunch time Jonathan Chimene