Subject: Rentals in Italy
Hello I know I came a little late for this, but I just remember our first rental when we took with us a large supply of everything, just to discover upon arrival we had forgot the matches to light the kitchen gas fires! On the contrary, in Denmark we had several boxes of matches but all the fires were electric... Well, just the usual two cents for rentals in Italy: salt, sugar, matches (see above), garbage disposal bags, dish soap, dishwashing sponge or cloth, some kitchen towels and clothes-pins are the things you usually forget to take or buy and are rarely supplied by owner. If you're a canned food fan, you''ll probably need a better can opener than the one coming with the place. Microwaves are unusual in agriturismo or standars locations and you probably won't get a kitchen oven too: you'll have to warm up everything on the fires (gas or electrical). All places usually come with a limited supply of toilet paper, so be sure to buy it on the way. All above things can easily be found at any supermarket or shopping centers: some are very large and are open no-stop from morning to evening, even on Sundays. If your rental starts on Saturday, as usual, check in at the place first and then go out for shopping, shops are open till 7.30 pm and some even later.

I was fascinated by comments about the toilet paper issue: I can't say I found too many differences travellling in Italy, Europe or USA, but I guess it's matter of brand (money, as usual). The free toilet of a gas station has probably a different brand in comparison with the 3 or 4 star hotel, for which you paid a lot. If you come to Italy and you seek comfort, buy only the 3-ply (3 veli) type, regardless of higher price :-)

If some of you travelled the Eastern Bloc countries before 1989, maybe you remember the pink, single sheet bloc toilet about REAL sandpaper!

Have a nice day