Subject: Portugal/Spain in January
A quick train (15 mins or so) ride to Belem (sp) to see the sights have lunch along the water and go to a centuries old bakery and eat Pastice de Belem. Little warm custard tarts. There are several places but the real one is easy to spot. It has not changed much! A littl further away but a must see is Sintra. Stay overnight if you can, it is very different after the tour busses leave around 5 P.M. It becomes a quiet, ancient village. There is a tourist office which lists Manor Houses you can stay in. These are usually family ancestral homes of amazing beauty. We stayed 2 nights and have been waiting to get back. Lisbon has many things to offer. Alto Bairo is great as is the Alfama and the Castle. There is a shopping district the name escapes me now. Someone will post it I am sure. We stayed at the hotel Principe Real, on a side street in an older part of town. It was quiet and safe, around $70 a night.

Thank You, David West CA. U.S.A.