Subject: RE: Indonesia
Can't figure the 36 hrs of travelling - my guess is about 24 or so. But ... it's still a long haul that you never get used to! Perhaps the best stops would be San Francisco or LA and then Hong Kong (or Singapore). Then on to Jakarta and Surabaya from here (after a GTG of course ).

If there is any chance you can depart before Dec.6th - Cathay Pacific has a great deal with their All Asia Pass - it's $999 from US and includes 15 cities in Asia (with HK as the hub). If you've got the time and inclination you could see a lot more of Asia with that one ticket. I'd be happy to help with suggestions of my favourite places in the region if you decide to do this.

Here are two links that I have on Indonesian weddings. One is specific to another region but it still might be of interest: General: Javanese:

We are just finishing the update of our Indonesian pages on - shall send you a note as soon as they are up on the site.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong