Subject: Ottawa
If you like French food - my vote would be Chez Jean Pierre. A small, intimate restaurant with terrific food and impecable service. On a nice evening, it's within walking distance of the Westin (which - you are right - is central ... right on the canal, across the street from the Convention and Arts Centres). Looks are deceptive - the restaurant is in the bottom of an apartment building and from the outside it does not look like it has the right atmosphere but my (now) husband and I had a few very romantic dinners there . I must put a caveat here though - the last time I was there was just before we left Canada for Hong Kong, in 1996, so who knows what's happened to it since. It's at: 210, Somerset W., Ottawa, 613-235-9711.

Another place that is memorable is the Courtyard Restaurant - in an old heritage building in the Market area. 21 George Street; Ottawa, ON K1N 8W5; Tel: (613) 241-1516 Here the specialities of the house are beef wellington, rack of lamb, etc.

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong (but lived on and off in Ottawa)