Subject: Re: Indonesia
Michelle, re: your son's December wedding in Surabaya,

I have a contact in Indonesia who will probably be able to get some answers for you about Indonesian wedding customs. This man is a food professional and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when I was there to research the food for my travel guidebook about Indonesia cuisine. His sister-in-law lives in Surabuya and may be a source of regional customs of that area of Java. (Their son recently attended St. Norberts College in your area.) If you'd like to email me privately with specific questions, I can forward them via email with a note from me. Thanks to email we've kept in touch frequently since I was there.

On our latest trip to Indonesia (1997), we flew from Madison, WI to San Francisco, then made stops in Hawaii, Denpesar (Bali), Jakarta (Java) and Medan (Sumatra). We went all the way to Sumatra because we began our culinary research there, working our way down Sumatra via rental car and then went from island to island via domestic flights. My recollection is that it took 42 hours to get to Sumatra from WI. Your trip will be somewhat shorter. The flight to Bali from Hawaii was 11.5 hours.

Joan Peterson Ginkgo Press, Madison, WI